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Welcome to St. Aidan's

Welcome to our website. We hope you will use it to keep up with Parish news, upcoming events and service times and as a general source of information about our parish community.



St. Aidan's is located in Manor Road, not far from the Kingsthorpe Shopping Centre.

Sunday  18th  September – 25th  Sunday
    9.15am        +Christie Donnelly
    11:00 am    +Kevin Donnelly and Margaret Lavery
    Noon        Baptism, Kirkland Family
Monday  19th September –
    9:15am    No Service    

Tuesday   20th September

    9:15 am    +Communion Service

Wednesday  21st  September

    9:15am    No service

Thursday  22nd  September –
    9:15am     +Communion Service            
Friday  23rd  September –
    9:15am    No Service
Saturday  24th September –
    9:15am    +Communion Service

Sunday  25th September – 26th  Sunday (Fr David’s home)

    9.15am    +K.M. Goodway
    11:00 am    +Mrs Angelina Cupoli