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Welcome to St. Aidan's

Welcome to our website. We hope you will use it to keep up with Parish news, upcoming events and service times and as a general source of information about our parish community.



St. Aidan's is located in Manor Road, not far from the Kingsthorpe Shopping Centre.

Parish Mass Schedule: Third Sunday of Easter (Year of Mark B) 15th April 2018

Saturday 14th April 
    9.30am Mass (St Aidan’s)
    (John Behan RIP, PJ Fox sick, Michael Togher Int., Michael Cruise Int.)
    1pm Wedding of Jo Morgan and Tom Ferguson (Cathedral)
    5.00pm Confessions (Cathedral
    6.00pm Vigil Mass (Cathedral)

Sunday 15th April Third Sunday of Easter

    8.30am Mass (Cathedral)
    (Patrick Leahy RIP, Josie Condon RIP, Gerry O’Rourke RIP, Fr Michael Bates Int.)
    9.45am Mass (St Aidan’s)
    (Kevin & Margaret Donnelly RIP, Patrick Kelly RIP, Mary & Michael Togher Int., Chris & Joanna Kirby Int.)
    11am Mass (Cathedral)                       
    (Giuseppe & Angelina Cioffi RIP, Eileen McGuire RIP, Mark Cooke RIP, Betty Banahan Int.)
    5.15pm Mass (Cathedral)
    (Kitty O’Grady RIP, Mary Winfield Int., Monica Doyle Int., Christina Mallon Int.)

Monday 16th April
    7pm Mass (Cathedral)
    (Maureen Leong RIP, Rosalyn Willis RIP, Joe Reape Int., Alan Gabriel Int.)

Tuesday 17th April 

    9.30am Mass (St Aidan’s)
    (Gerald O’Rourke RIP, Maggie & Robbie Hogan RIP, Teresa Kelly RIP, PJ Fox Int.)
    12.30pm Wedding Service of Michael McGuire and Kathleen Doran (Cathedral)

Wednesday 18th April

    9.30am Mass (Cathedral)
    (Kitty O’Grady RIP, Peter Coyle RIP, Hogan Family RIP, Intention of Donnor)
    4pm Reception into church of Robert McDonagh RIP (Cathedral)

Thursday 19th April

    10am Funeral Mass for Robert McDonagh RIP

Friday 20th April

    8.45am – 9.45am Holy Hour (Cathedral)
    9.30am Confessions (Cathedral)
    10am Mass (Cathedral)
    (Mary Bonner Int., Michael Tougher Int., Anna Pavoni Int., Jim Donnelly Int.)

Saturday 21st April

    9.30am Mass (St Aidan’s)
    (Dan Richards RIP, Archie McBride RIP, Ann White RIP, Mrs Diskin RIP)
    10am Confessions (St Aidan’s)
    12.30pm Baptisms of Isla Hallam, Ralphie Smith, Sophia Gibbons and Albert Evans (Cathedral)
    2pm Ukrainian Mass (St Aidan’s)
    5.00pm Confessions (Cathedral
    6.00pm Vigil Mass (Cathedral) 
    (Johnny Heaphy RIP, Collette Smith RIP, Robert Hogan RIP, Doris Bolger RIP)

Sunday 22nd April – Fourth Sunday of Easter

    8.30am Mass (Cathedral)
    9.45am Mass (St Aidan’s)
    (Tommy and PJ Sullivan RIP, Tom Kelly RIP, Nora Jordan RIP, Mike Davies RIP)
    11.00am Mass (Cathedral)                       
    (Nollaig Donegan Int., Aine Shipman Int., Rosa Carey Int., Cathedral Parish Int.)
    12.30pm Baptisms of Hugo Scott and Ariana Mbugua (St Aidan’s)
    5.15pm Mass (Cathedral)
    (Robert McDonagh RIP, Joey Mooney RIP, Kathleen Geary RIP, Annette Planter Int.)