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Welcome to St. Aidan's

Welcome to our website. We hope you will use it to keep up with Parish news, upcoming events and service times and as a general source of information about our parish community.



St. Aidan's is located in Manor Road, not far from the Kingsthorpe Shopping Centre.

Parish Mass Schedule: Twenty-Fourth Sunday of the Year (Year of Matthew A) 17th September 2017

Saturday 16th September
    5.00pm Confessions (Cathedral)
    6.00pm Mass (Cathedral)
    (Catherine Amor RIP, Baby Roan RIP, Mary-Jo Coleman RIP, Eamonn Leonard Int.)

Sunday 17th September

    8.30am Mass (Cathedral)
    9.45am Mass (St Aidan’s)
    (Margaret Gavins Int., Yates Family Int.)
    11.00am Mass (Cathedral)                       
    (Guiseppe & Angelina Cioffi RIP, Kathleen Walsh RIP, Claire Adams RIP, Sheila & Joe Loftus Int.)
    5.15pm Mass (Cathedral)                   
    (Ray Kenny RIP, Bernard Rafferty RIP, Christina Smythe RIP, Sanna Family Int.)

Monday 18th September
    7pm Mass (Cathedral)
    (Noreen Waite Int., The Richards Family Int., Paula and Charlotte Seery Int., Jim Seery RIP)
    Tuesday 19th September
    9.30am Mass (St. Aidan’s)
    (Sean O’Conner RIP, Sam Kelly RIP, Bernie Feeley RIP, Fr Michael Bates Int.)   

Wednesday 20th September SS Andrew Kim Taegon & Companions (Martyrs)

    9.30am Mass (Cathedral)
    (Andy Kempinski RIP, Ellen Barry RIP, Josie Lynskey RIP, Fr Brendan Seery Int.)
    11am School Mass for Thornton College (Cathedral)

Thursday 21st September – S Matthew (Apostle & Evangelist)

    9.30am Mass (Cathedral)
    (James Doherty RIP, Maureen McDonagh RIP, Michael Maloney RIP, Paddy O’Brien RIP)
    7.30pm – 8.30pm Holy Hour for World Peace (Cathedral)

Friday 22nd September

    11am – 12 noon Holy Hour (Cathedral)
    11.30am Confessions (Cathedral)
    12.15pm Mass (Cathedral) 
     (Mgr Pat McAleenan RIP, Tom Lavery RIP, Le Family Int., Sanna Family.) 

Saturday 23rd September – S Pio of Pietreclina (Priest)

    9.30am Mass (St Aidan’s)     
    (Fr James Harrington Int.)
    10.00am Confessions (St Aidan’s)
    1pm (Cathedral) Wedding of Samuel Stanislaw Krauze and Gemma Louise Denny
    2.00pm (St. Aidan’s) Ukranian Mass
    5.00pm Confessions (Cathedral)
    6.00pm Vigil Mass (Cathedral) 
    (Jim & Patrick Roache RIP, Tom & Sarah Gallagher RIP, Joe Doran RIP, Doris Bolger RIP)
Sunday 24th September - Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
    8.30am Mass (Cathedral)
    (Miklos Becker RIP, Richard White RIP, Jen Prendergast RIP, Harry Archer RIP)
    9.45am Mass (St Aidan’s)
    11.00am Mass (Cathedral)                       
    (Lewin Family Int., Bridgid O’Kane Int., Battersby Family Int., Missionaries Int.)
    12.30pm Baptisms of Myla Livingstone and Siyonna Ezeifedi
    5.15pm Mass (Cathedral)                   
    (Rebecca O’Brien RIP, Gregory Shipman Int., Elena Davies Int., Davies Family Int.)


    Fr Mark Floody, Fr Brendan Seery

Contact Address
    Cathedral House, 1 Primrose Hill, Northampton, NN2 6AG
    Tel. 01604 714556
    e-mail: office@northamptoncathedral.org